Posting Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Here at the Teenaged Superhero Society, we like to keep things orderly. So here, for all our followers, is our Code of Conduct.

This code is copyrighted to the Teenaged Superhero Society. Please do not simply copy and paste it verbatim as your own code of conduct. If you would like to borrow some of our ideas, you may, but please at least paraphrase! Thank you.

Comment Policy

When commenting on the Teenaged Superhero society, we expect you to be courteous and respectful of other posters, not make personal attacks, and not use any foul language of any kind. Spammers will be ignored and their comments will be deleted. (In simpler terms, if you don’t have something good, or an honest criticism, or anything at all to say, don’t say anything at all.) Thank you!

Teenaged Superhero Society Code of Conduct: Posting Guidelines and Policies

  • General Conduct

Every member of the Teenaged Superhero Society will behave with propriety and respect for others on both the Teenaged Superhero Society web site and every other web site.

  1. All members will show deference to other members, and should disagreements arise, will try their hardest to come to a peaceful accord.
  2. All members will try to compromise, if they can not decide one way or another.
  3. If no agreement can be reached, they will respectfully agree to disagree.
  4. If any member shows unkindness to another person or is disrespectful and insensitive, and does not apologize of his or her own accord, he or she will be given a warning. Should he or she persist, he or she may be liable to discipline by the Society. Transgressions on a separate site may also be liable to discipline.
  • Editing

When major changes must be made to the site or policies, every member of the Society must be consulted and come to an agreement that is acceptable to all.

  1. Every member must weigh in on said debates, unless they are currently on leave of absence.
  2. Should there be no word from a user in said debates for an extended period of time, and depending on the urgency of the issue being debated, the remaining members may decide on said issue without him or her. The failure to contribute to a debate for more than five days implies an acceptance of any outcome and a waiving of the user’s rights to join in the debate.

Out of respect for the other users, no person will at any time, except with the permission of the party in question, edit another user’s post or page or copy their work. (Rewriting a scene first detailed by another user in one’s own character’s point of view does not constitute copying said user’s work, but should be done sparingly, if ever.) No user will, without permission, attempt to write from the point of view of another character. (In most roleplaying circles, this is known as godmodding and is always frowned upon.)

  • Drafts and Posting Schedules

The posting schedule on the Teenaged Superhero Society is proverbs31teen, ErinKenobi2893, Irisbloom5, Sarahtps, and finally coruscantbookshelf. However, frequent discussion of plot twists and where to take the story next is encouraged. Drafts on the Teenaged Superhero Society blog are to be considered public domain reading (no editing), in order to foster a better-integrated story. Remember, the entire purpose of the Teenaged Superhero Society is to develop an enjoyable original story as a group.

  1. The days to be posted on are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday and Friday are story posts, while Wednesday is for fun things.
  2. If any person is late on their post, the next person in line will take up the thread.
  3. If the story begins to drag, any contributor may step in to perk it up again.
  4. Author perspective posts must contain “Author Voice” in the title, be tagged with an “author voice” tag, and placed in the “Author Voices” category. They may be posted on any day of the week, and encompass anything which the audience should know which is not a part of the story or written in character, such as important announcements.
  5. The Teenaged Superhero Society is not your lifeblog. Please do not attempt to use it as such. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.
  • Copyright Information

A contributor’s characters and posts are his or her own intellectual property. Any person must ask permission before using them or copying them, members of the Teenaged Superhero Society and non-members alike. Reposting is permitted, provided that the person involved gives credit to the original writer of the post(s) and links back to the Teenaged Superhero Society blog.

  1. However, non-player characters (any character other than Starlight, Audrey Skyburn, Rebecca Coburn, Lannis Raehe, or Saxon Warrick) may be written by any member, provided that they remain true to character.
  • Administrators, User Rights, and Elections
  1. The Teenaged Superhero Society blog is run by two administrators; all other users are editors.
  2. Elections for administrator will be held at regular intervals or whenever a majority of users agree that it is necessary, or should be done.
  3. Due to the user ErinKenobi2893 having created the blog, she, it would seem, holds de facto ownership of the blog, according to the rules of WordPress. As such, unless she transfers ownership, she can not be demoted from Administrator. As, if she transfers ownership to another user, she will need to be invited to contribute to the blog, this is to be avoided, she will remain, formally, an Administrator; however, if she is voted out, she hereby agrees to voluntarily relinquish her privileges, unless some dire need arises. (She also agrees to submit to discipline by the other members of the Society, should the need arise.)
  4. Should an extreme situation (for example, if an Administrator begins to badly misbehave) occur, the other Administrator may demote him or her, and an election will be immediately held to vote in a new Administrator. (Should it prove necessary, this duty will be performed by ErinKenobi2893.)
  5. The members of the Society will agree on all new members to be invited and will also agree, depending on the new user’s trustworthiness and how well they know him or her, on what role he or she will be offered.
  6. No member may be removed entirely and permanently from user status except in the case of grave misbehavior (with the agreement of the members of the Society) or personal request to be removed from user status.
  • Discipline

All members of the Society are expected to behave with respect towards each other and all other users of the Internet they may happen to meet. Trolling is strictly prohibited and may be met with punishment.

  1. Should any member of the blog attempt to troll another person or misbehave in any other way, he or she will be met with a warning.
  2. Members who are unkind to other users of the Internet are expected to apologize at the first opportunity.
  3. Since sometimes people misinterpret comments, any third party will be expected to mediate, and to investigate without bias. It is the responsibility of all users to attempt to reach mutual understanding and a peaceful outcome, and users who are not actually involved in the incident are encouraged to help those who are.
  4. The use of profanity or posting of obscene pictures may be liable to immediate suspension of user privileges.
  5. If unconfirmed reports of trolling reach the members of the Society, an investigation must be held of said reports.
  6. Punishments should be agreed on by all members of the Society, and may include suspension from user privileges, being demoted, etc.
  7. In extreme cases, a member may be entirely removed from user status on the blog and from membership in the Teenaged Superhero Society, upon the agreement of all other users in the Society.
  • Leaves of Absence

Every contributor who must be away from the computer or otherwise out of contact for a while must announce this to other members of the society.

  1. Should said contributor hold a position of responsibility (for example, the role of Administrator,) he or she must temporarily promote another user to act as his or her proxy.
  2. A proxy will need to be temporarily promoted in the case of more than three days of absence. Shorter absences will merely require the notification of the rest of the society.
  3. Naturally, this does not apply to any unexpected leave of absence; however, the contributor must still make the effort to warn his or her colleagues and pass on his or her duties to a proxy, if applicable, at the first opportunity.
  4. Should an Administrator suddenly take an unexpected leave of absence, the other Administrator may promote his or her named proxy to administrator temporarily to fill those duties.
  • Other Information

The founding members of the Teenaged Superhero Society are ErinKenobi2893 (site creator and administrator), Irisbloom5 (deputy administrator), coruscantbookshelf, proverbs31teen, and Sarahtps.

ErinKenobi2893’s proxy as administrator is coruscantbookshelf.

Irisbloom5’s proxy as deputy administrator is proverbs31teen.

Thank you so much for your attention. God Bless You! ~~Erin

Signed: ErinKenobi2893, coruscantbookshelf, Sarahtps, Proverbs31teen, Irisbloom5

Teenaged Superhero Society Posting Guidelines and Policies


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