Saxon Warrick

Like everyone here, I’m different. But you may think that I’m even more different. It’s up to you. I don’t have a say in what you think.

On the outside, my life looks pretty normal. I go to school, I have a nice job shelving books at the library. Sure, my parents are divorced and I live with my dad, but that’s not so out of place now. My brother goes to school in Europe somewhere… I’m pretty sure it’s Switzerland. I tend to stay by myself, the quiet person no one really notices. I’m almost invisible to most people.

Actually, sometimes I am invisible. Yeah, I have superpowers. I can turn invisible and teleport. But everyone here has powers. That’s not what I meant when I said I might even be more different.

You see, although my life looks normal on the outside, it’s the inside part that no one knows about that’s very, very different. Because, after all, I’m… not from around here.

At age 12, my dad, king of a kingdom in another world, banished me to Earth. Permanently.

He was nice enough to change everyone’s memories so that they thought that I’d always been there before. But, man, talk about culture shock. I went from living in a castle with my older brother, Maxwell, a wolf morpher, to being stuck in an Earth home, with a crazy adoptive older brother, Grant, who liked frogs. So much fun.

I’m sure you’re bored by now, so I’ll just give you a quick paragraph about my interests. I’m one of those sassy, sarcastic people who always has a snappy comeback or a sarcastic comment waiting. I like neutral colors, Mexican food, and observing people. I’m a Christian (at least, my “parents” take me to church) and I’m amazing at technical drawings. But no people. Or living things. I love heights, languages, and observing people’s behavior.

And that’s me. If you don’t like that… well, go check out the other bios. I’m sure you’ll like one of us.


3 thoughts on “Saxon Warrick

  1. proverbs31teen March 26, 2015 / 3:42 PM

    [in character] After watching the movie Thor, I think they stole my back story.


  2. coruscantbookshelf March 30, 2015 / 3:26 AM

    Saxon dear, I’m a little confused. If you brother here is named Cal, who is this “Grant” you and the other girls keep talking about? Or is “he” a Government Grant?

    Liked by 1 person

    • proverbs31teen March 30, 2015 / 6:41 AM

      [not in character] So this is where I already had a name for him! *facepalm* Must change it.


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