Hi, stalker-ish person who wants to know who I am. You’ve come to the right place. My “name” is C.B. Cook, but on here, I’m Saxon Warrick. I usually fangirl/rant/torture people with cliffhangers over on The World of the Writer, and occasionally I’ll post something wise or encouraging on Proverbs 31 Teen.

I am a devoted Christ follower, which you’ll figure out if you hang out around either of my blogs, or if you read my book. I recently became an officially published author, with my novella Paralyzed Dreams.

What else… I enjoy writing, obviously, and I’m a huge Avengers fan. I enjoy brainstorming ways to torture both people and characters with my Avengers’ Isle series… which for some reason is more fun to write than normal stuff. *sigh* My hobbies are varied: horseback riding, learning Russian, crocheting, learning about body language and reading people, reading books, graphology, and graphic design.

But, since I’m not very good at ending things (or writing bios) I leave you with wisdom from someone else.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

-Oscar Wilde


18 thoughts on “proverbs31teen

  1. writefury March 12, 2015 / 1:22 AM

    Hey, just trying to help out a little. The link to this website from your blog is misspelled. It says “theteenagesuperherosociety”, not “theteenagedsuperherosociety”. I just clicked the link and wordpress said that the site didn’t exist. You should probably fix that… 🙂

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