From the Authors: A Brief Digression

From all of us here at the Teenaged Superhero Society, I’d like to wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas, happy Hanukah, or whatever holidays you prefer to celebrate. Speaking with sheer candidness, I think it’s going to be a little while before we manage to post again–perhaps not until the new year.

Until then, be sure to enjoy your holidays, your time off from school and possibly from work, and God bless you. May you find all that you’re seeking in the new year.

(And let’s all pray that Donald Trump does not win the 2016 elections, because let’s face it, he’s a joke.)

See you in 2016!



4 thoughts on “From the Authors: A Brief Digression

      • erinkenobi2893 December 31, 2015 / 6:51 AM

        *groans* Trump is a demagogue. And, what’s worse, completely transparent as one. He’s not even beginning to make sense about where he’s planning to go with the Presidency if he wins the elections, except to offer everyone things that are horribly out of balance. He’s, dare I say it, a right-wing radical who is far too loud-mouthed. I am beginning to doubt the intelligence of his supporters.


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