Cape or No Cape?

“What were you thinking, Rebecca?”

That’s what my parents asked me when they found out why I’d rushed out last night and then stumbled back home at nearly eleven, exhausted. That’s what they asked me when I told them what Starlight had suggested and I’d agreed to. That’s what they asked me before I asked if we could talk in the morning and then collapsed into bed.

“What were you thinking, Rebecca?”

That’s what they asked again over breakfast, and added to it: “Why didn’t you talk to us first?” And I apologized, over and over- but I reminded them as well that we’d talked about it before- not this exactly, but similar things. Things like how it’s wrong to stand by and do nothing if I can help someone- but that if I’m going to help someone with my powers, I need to be careful about it. And in the end, we agree that Starlight is right; if I’m going to keep doing things- and we all know I am unless Mom and Dad forbid it- this is the safest option. But even after we’ve agreed, the question lingers:

“What were you thinking, Rebecca?”

After breakfast, I head back to my room, grateful that it’s a Saturday and I don’t have to deal with school- only with the issue of figuring out a costume in less than twelve hours. I sort through every item in my closet and dresser, searching for some kind of inspiration, then open my laptop and sort through all the pins on my superheroes board on Pinterest too, before going back to my own clothes and pulling out all the clothing pieces that seem vaguely likely. Midway through this process, my phone rings- Lannis, calling to ask me if I want to meet up at the gym this afternoon. I agree and return to searching for ideas.

A knock on the door interrupts my mental debate on whether or not deciding a color scheme will help at all in this process. “Come in,” I call, absently, expecting Mom or Dad to walk in.

Instead, my younger sister, Elise darts inside, carrying her iPad. She surveys my room- which looks like a tornado’s gone through it and flung clothes everywhere- and grins. “Want help designing your costume?”

“Yes, please.” I clear off my desk chair for her, grateful that someone in my family is unabashedly excited about my choice. “I’m utterly stuck.”

“Really? I couldn’t guess,” Elise replies innocently. She taps her iPad screen, keeping it angled away from me. “So no ideas at all?”

“I’m thinking something in green or red . . . but not both. Then I’d look like Christmas.” I survey the clothing on my bed once more. “Besides the fact that I’d be incredibly noticeable, and the healer probably shouldn’t stand out. Oh, and I don’t want anything black.”

“Of course not.” Elise glances up. “Do you still have those gold leggings you bought last Halloween?”

“The ones I never actually wore? Yes.” I sort through the pile from the chair until I find the item in question. “You have an idea already?”

“Um . . .” Elise gives me a sheepish grin. “I’ve kind of had ideas for ages, ever since you mentioned your group and let slip that Starlight’s in it. I’m just trying to refine them now. Cape or no cape?”

I do my best Edna Mode impression. “No capes!”

“Aw, pleeeeease?” Elise gives me puppy eyes. “Just a short one?”

“No capes!” I repeat, turning back to my bed and considering a purple top that came out of the pile with the leggings. “Did you miss the montage of cape-caused deaths somehow?”

Starlight wears a cape,” Elise sing-songs. “Who are you going to trust? The fictional character? Or your actual superhero friend?”

“Well . . .” I pause, weighing her points and the inherent awesomeness of capes against my memory of the montage. “What kind of cape?”

“Give me a minute and I’ll show you the whole outfit.” A few more taps, and Elise holds up the iPad. “Ta-da!”

I hurry over and take it from her so I can survey the picture: a green-and-gold ensemble with a flared tunic-like top, gold leggings, and- yes- a short swirling cape. “It looks awesome. But can we put it together?”

“Sure. Or something close enough for the picture, anyway.” Elise recaptures her iPad. “If we go get the fabric today, I can make the tunic and cape this afternoon- it won’t be much harder than some of the Halloween costumes I’ve made. I’m thinking cotton for the tunic, maybe, and I’m not sure what for the cape. The rest of the outfit you can probably buy or else find something close enough that you already own- except the armor-ish bits.” She indicates some of the detailing. “I wanted you to be protected, but for the protection to blend in with the outfit . . . I mean, I know you’re a healer and stuff, but better safe than sorry, right?”

“Definitely. When I see Starlight tonight, I’ll ask if she has any idea where to find that sort of thing.” I grab my purse from where it hangs on the back of my chair. “For now, go get your shoes while I tell Mom where we’re going. We’ve got shopping to do.”


6 thoughts on “Cape or No Cape?

  1. Matthew November 27, 2015 / 9:05 PM

    Edna Mode! She was my favourite character from that movie. 😀 I was almost expecting a reference to her when Elise suggested capes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahtps November 27, 2015 / 9:33 PM

      Glad you weren’t disappointed. 😀 Yes, Edna is awesome. And hilarious.


      • Matthew November 28, 2015 / 2:17 AM

        Heheh. Also: “The fictional character? Or your actual superhero friend?” I bet you liked writing that bit. It makes sense…from a character’s point of view.

        Liked by 1 person

      • sarahtps November 28, 2015 / 7:34 AM

        Heh. I actually did not catch the irony in that at the time because I was caught up in convincing Rebecca on the subject of capes. (The short debate here is mostly because Rebecca and I had a loooooong debate on the topic before I wrote this post.)


  2. writefury November 29, 2015 / 12:26 PM

    Niiice… XD I thought Edna as soon as I saw the title and wondered if you’d stick that in. 😛
    That might actually be fun to bring back for some irony later. Have the cape actually get caught or be the cause of some trouble at some point. And Rebecca getting all frustrated like “I knew it… I KNEW it! No more capes!” XD

    Liked by 1 person

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