Side by Side

I didn’t want this meeting to happen. So I basically sit and scowl at everyone, anxious for a chance to let some of the pent up frustration I am feeling out on something, or someone. Then, just when I think I’ll burst the robbers come in and I want to scream some prayer of thanksgiving. That is, until Lannis attempts to defuse the situation, and worst of all steps up to protect me. Honestly! I am not a child.

I could forgive her if I were allowed to chase after them once they grabbed Rebecca, or at least am asked my opinion on how a rescue operation should be handled. But no. Here I stand, watching as Lannis asks the great Starlight her opinion. It’s all I can not to burn the dumb ponytail she wears right off her stuck up head. Starlight’s that is, not Lannis. Though as angry as I am, it’s not inconceivable that Lannis could find her hair a bit singed.

“Lannis, do your powers work at remote?  If yes, stay here, if no, follow, safe distance.  I’ll need to know what they’re up to.  Saxon, you know Rebecca, I know you can teleport but I don’t give a damn, come with me on foot and explain – if you know – why they’ve taken her.  Stay invisible.  Element of surprise.  Audrey, with us.  Human flamethrowers are always useful.  The two of us can fence them if we can get close enough, but we’ll have to go now.”

“Why can’t I just teleport in there?” Saxon demands.

“Human flamethrower?!” I shout indigently. I notice out of the corner of a my eye Lannis wince, and feel a bit pleased.

“Please, people,” she says pleadingly.

“We need to go now,” Starlight orders in frustration. “I know you lot aren’t used to this, but if we don’t go now we’ll lose them!”

Saxon glares at Starlight, and then vanishes. I hear Starlight swear under her breath before racing for the door.

“Flame thrower with me!” She demands.

I stroll casually after.

“Sorry, flame throwers can’t run. No legs.”

“They also can’t talk, blessedly,” Starlight retorts. “Can Audrey Skyburn run?”

I bury the instinctive alarm bells that ring at the reference to my last name. I don’t know how she knows it, and am concerned where she found it, but that can be addressed when Rebecca is safe. I am obstinate, but not to the point where another human being is endangered. Usually.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, she can.”


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