To The End

Robberies are just so. Much. Fun.

I stroll along the sidewalk, invisible to all, except for the footprints I’m purposefully leaving behind me. I actually recognize one of the girls. Starlight, of course. She’s walking on the air above us, looking very, very annoyed, understandably. She’s seriously a superhero, a famous one. I’m not sure if the other girls have recognized her, but it’s easy for me. I never forget a face. The other girl, with the fire powers and the red hair, looks vaguely familiar, but I don’t think I know her personally. She’s probably just stopped by the library before. It’s weird how well we worked together with the crooks, in spite of Starlight’s stubbornness.

I glance up at Starlight and my gaze catches on the moon. My eyes trace to the right, searching, searching… there. I can barely detect a pale bluish-green glow. No one else sees it, not even the best scientists with the most powerful telescopes, not even cameras or technological equipment. It’s my reminder that I’m not normal, that I’m different, that I don’t belong here. That there’s more out there than anyone knows.

I’m not exactly what people think of when they think about aliens, but that’s pretty much what I am. Not that I let on to that. I’d be locked up and tested before you could say “alien”. If anyone believed me, that is. I’m not sure I want to take that chance.

My invisibility powers and teleporting are the only things that set me apart. And since I look like a normal human being, it’s pretty easy to stay undetected. Especially with invisibility. I’d tell you how I ended up here, but all the murder and hatred and mind-erasing and almost-beheading would probably be a little much.

Everything’s mostly quiet, until we turn a corner. There, two girls are bending over a guy on the ground. I see blood. My heart starts to beat faster. I don’t fear blood, but it always makes my adrenaline start pumping. It brings back memories that I don’t want to remember.

Then I realize I know one of the girls. Rebecca. She’s in my English class, visits the library I work at, and is sort of my brother’s girlfriend. They’re not quite dating, but they should be. I don’t recognize the other girl, the one helping her.

I don’t need to be here. Starlight didn’t truly need my help. They don’t need my help. And I certainly don’t need anyone to know who I am. Rebecca would know, if I made myself visible, and she might even recognize my voice. Indecision makes me growl at myself.

I sigh and step off to the side. I won’t get involved, but I might as well see this to the end.


One thought on “To The End

  1. proverbs31teen March 26, 2015 / 3:35 PM

    You must be very desperate… to comment on you own post. *sigh* NO POST SHALL BE WITHOUT COMMENTS


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